How are Drybelle hats waterproof?  A Drybelle rain hat is completely waterproof thanks to its beautiful woven fabric which, has a waterproof membrane that won't let water pass through. 

How are Drybelle Hats breathable? Our fabric has a microporous layer which allows vapors to release without letting perspiration in. NOTE: Do not wear your Drybelle hat in extreme heat and/or while performing high-intensity activities where there will be a lot of perspiration if you wish to use your hat to maintain the integrity of your hairstyle. 

Do Drybelle hats stay on in the wind? Yes! Drybelle hats will stay put on your head in high wind gusts tested at up to 45 MPH!

How best to transport a Drybelle hat? However you want! Our hats are foldable but you can also roll your Drybelle hat into a ball and easily stuff it into your pocket, glove compartment, or bag. You never know when an unexpected rain shower may surprise you so you'll love the convenience of having your Drybelle hat with you wherever you go.

Are Drybelle hats wrinkle-free? When your Drybelle hat arrives, it will have some wrinkles but if you unfold it, shake it out and leave it, the wrinkles should release. Once the hat gets wet, the wrinkles will release more easily.

How do you wash a Drybelle hat? Drybelle Hats are machine or hand washable using a mild detergent or soap.  NOTE: DO NOT bleach. Drybelle Hats need to be hung to dry and cannot be machine or tumble dried.

How lightweight are Drybelle hats? Drybelle hats weigh less than 5 oz!

Why aren't Drybelle hats completely satin lined? We want our hats to be as breathable as possible. No one wants steamed out hair! Any additional layer in the crown will make it that much harder for heat and moisture to escape. Fortunately, the inside of our fabric is slippery and smooth so that any hair that makes contact with it will not be damaged. The part of the hat which is in closest contact with your hair, the pouch, is lined with satin. So we have it where it counts!

What is the pouch? The pouch is the pocket under the brim of the hat where the hair is held. It features an elasticized band that contains the hat on and allows it to have the snuggest fit. Think of a super high-quality shower cap.

Will Drybelle hats protect my makeup too? Yes! The circular brim will shield your eye makeup from getting wet and/or windblown. No more worrying about runny mascara in the rain!

Will a Drybelle Hat keep you protected under water?  No, Drybelle hats will not protect your hair when submerged in water. However, they are splash-proof so, if you wear one in a body of water with your head out, we got you covered! 

Can Drybelle hats be worn in the pool? Yes. However, wear with discretion as, unfortunately, discoloration from chlorine can occur.