Our Story!

Created by Session Hairstylist Shannon Wall who saw a need for a hat that could save women's hairstyles from bad weather.

The Lightbulb.

While attending university as an Apparel Design major, Shannon took a job at the Theatre Department's Costume Shop where she learned how to sew beautiful garments and accessories. After college, she attended cosmetology school, after which she started working at Bumble and Bumble in NYC. There, Shannon learned an array of advanced techniques in hairdressing. After work one night, she noticed it was raining just as she finished blowing out her hair. Shannon then decided to wrap cellophane around her hairline and put a shower cap on top using supplies found in the Color Department's stock room. Running out the door and molding her scarf around this head wrap, she was feeling very grateful for the protection. It was still pouring outside when Shannon got off the train in the West Village. Walking into the restaurant, she quickly tried to pull everything off her head and toss her hair around gracefully- or so she thought. Past some sideways looks, Shannon walked over to her friends, and as she took her seat, they asked her incredulously if she pulled plastic wrap off her head! At this moment, she knew she had to create a hat that could be used to save hairstyles from disastrous weather.

The process...

Shannon opened Tropical StyleHouse, a tourist-oriented hair salon in Waikiki, HI. Here, she decided she had to create this hat because she saw how Hawaii, like New York, had unpredictable outbursts of rain that could ruin her clients' hairstyles. After work each night, she would close her salon and then try to sew hats.

This was not it...

Getting there...


19 protoypes later, the patent-pending Drybelle is here!