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Drybelle Waterproof Rain Hat- Gray

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Protects your hair from: 

- Rain
- Wind
- Humidity
- Sun

Perfect for:
- Maintaining blowouts
- Saving straightened hair
- Keeping curls smooth
- Fighting frizz

- Material: woven 100% nylon
- Waterproof and water repellent
- Breathable
- Lightweight
- Wrinkle-releases
- Easily foldable
- Satin-lined pouch with an adjustable elasticized band: A water-protective barrier, which is gentle on hair while maintaining the integrity of its style. The band secures the hat preventing it from blowing off in the wind. It also creates a seal between the environment and your hair. A big bonus is that it can be discreetly tucked up into the crown when not in use! *
- Roomy crown won't crush your hairdo. Great for volumized hair!
- Brim protects your face and eye makeup from washout and sunlight.
- Machine washable. Please hang dry. Do not bleach. 

- Dries super fast! Just give it a quick shake and hang, or wipe with a towel. 
- To pack, just turn inside-out (if wet) and fold.
- To prevent elastic from marking you, simply adjust it to align with your    hairline.                      

* Please note: The satin lining is only on the inside of the pouch. The crown is unlined to allow for breathability. Fortunately, the underside of our fabric  is smooth and slippery, so no worries about it damaging your hair! 

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